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My Netflix this week: Strong as hell

Contains spoilers for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Happy happy weekdays Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Upbeat block-colour enthusiast Kimmy has been held captive in a bunker for the last 15 years but is now attempting make a grown-up life in New York with a fistful of cash, … Continue reading

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Three things I’ve learned from Downton

It’s possible I’m posting too much about television at the moment. Which in turn suggests that I’m watching too much television. But! None of my team at work watch Downton Abbey, and I’ve got no one to dissect it with. … Continue reading

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Whocap: The Power of Three

Loads of things have happened! We drove to Scotland and caught cold viruses and visited exotic new supermarkets; there are photos and everything. Just you wait! In the meantime, I recapped the last episode of Doctor Who in ridiculous detail. … Continue reading

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Chris and I are trying to wean ourselves off Netflix after burning through a whole bunch of TV shows one after the other. It’s horribly addictive. Every time Chris thinks he can cancel the subscription, I’ll say ‘Oh, let’s watch … Continue reading

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