Craft videos & (probably) more

My day job involves a lot of crafting, which is just as much fun as it sounds, plus you get to say weird stuff in business meetings*.

Sometimes I get to put my hands in videos too, here are some you might like if you’re into hands or videos or Scottish people saying things.

This is a crochet tutorial I made with Alun and Zoe for the dearly-departed The Making Spot website. I have a love-hate relationship with this vid, because there’s an annoying minor error but also a shadowy dog. If you can spot both, you should seriously consider a career in proofing.

I also make videos for Papercraft inspirations magazine, sometimes in a studio with a proper videographer, and sometimes in my front room with an iPhone. This is quite a boring video, but useful if you want to use ProMarker pens to colour something very, very yellow.

Here’s one of my shoddier videos that does strangely well on YouTube, I think just because the technique is both unusual and thrifty. I had to film this literally straddling a tripod; behold my scary ghost-lady wrist veins!

* I’ve already said ‘I just feel like the bunny exudes ennui,’ and ‘We think the word ‘PENS’ is too easy to misread,’ this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

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