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Moving diary! Minus 6 days, shit gets done son

Yesterday we had contracts signed and legally witnessed and posted, went to the supermarket, had a viewing at the Bath flat, took Ada for a walk, paid the deposit on our new place and got a crapload of boxes and … Continue reading

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Don’t leaf me this way

CALL ME CRAZY, but I really like autumn leaves. So last year I collected loads of fallen leaves* from Westonbirt Arboretum and pressed them in heavy books like a weird overgrown child. But now look! I’m sticking them in an album … Continue reading

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Long barrow

A while ago, I got weirdly interested in long barrows, partly from reading too much Lord of the Rings, but mostly from seeing lots of signposts for them in the countryside around Bath. I had learned from Professor Google that … Continue reading

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Heavens, know your Misérables now

Comprehensive spoilers for Les Misérables. Obviously. I bloody love a bit of Les Misérables. Here’s a quick character review for those reluctant cinema-goers complaining that the film was hard to follow.* *I’ve got nothing for those of you complaining that … Continue reading

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Hello, did you have a good Christmas? I’ve had a very peaceful week, with wonderful food and thoughtful presents and only slightly too much wine. It’s also been great to wear pyjamas for days on end, as evidenced by this … Continue reading

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I love December. It starts with my birthday and ends with a week off work and more Prosecco than is strictly advisable for a woman of my height and fighting weight. Last weekend Chris took me to The King’s Arms … Continue reading

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Far away my well lit door

Hey hey! Today we arrived at Ikea at 11.50am, ate meatballs, chose a lamp, paid and drove away at 12.50pm. I challenge you to beat this Ikea weekend lunch/shop speed record. It can’t be done! Here’s what else I’ve been … Continue reading

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