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The B Word

I do not like the word ‘bonding’, but I can’t think of a better one, dammit, so it’ll have to do.  I think it’s obvious to anyone who reads here regularly or follows me on social media or who puts … Continue reading

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Ribbledoot investigates: What is my baby laughing at?

Mystery: Ada finds this corner of our living room hilarious. She cranes to look at it and, if allowed, will stare at it and squeal with laughter for up to 20 minutes. I don’t want to label our child at … Continue reading

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FLASH! Ah-ah, he’ll save every one of us! Or how my child ruined all music for me, except Queen

One of the most unexpectedly upsetting consequences of having a baby is that I can no longer listen to music without bursting into tears. I was relieved to find Stuart Heritage documenting the phenomenon in The Guardian, otherwise I’d have … Continue reading

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GIFs that run through my head all day long since I had a baby

Removing the sleeping baby’s pacifier After 12 hours of wrangling her by myself When she poos at any point in the day… …except bedtime When I get her to fall asleep When anyone else gets her to fall asleep When … Continue reading

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It’s not unusual, until it is

Yesterday I was relieved to be diagnosed with a simple hormone imbalance that’s rendered me massively stressed and anxious recently. The difficult thing about being diagnosed with anything, post-partum, is that many symptoms of illness are shrugged off as ‘normal … Continue reading

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