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Six months! And six things that aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be

Changing nappies A dirty nappy is my favourite thing in the day. There’s no second-guessing or Googling or disagreeing or wondering if you’re doing the right thing. It’s simple – get the nappy off, clean the bum, put a new … Continue reading

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Writing: It’s not big or clever

(I found this in my drafts folder from 2013 – it’s surprisingly forthright for someone who has no actual relevant qualifications, but I still stand by most of it, so here you go…) I’m not a particularly good writer, but for the … Continue reading

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GIFs that run through my head all day long since I had a baby

Removing the sleeping baby’s pacifier After 12 hours of wrangling her by myself When she poos at any point in the day… …except bedtime When I get her to fall asleep When anyone else gets her to fall asleep When … Continue reading

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The imagined summaries of films I’ve missed at the cinema

I love the cinema but now have one loud, squirmy reason not to go any more. (The idea of those Big Scream screenings for baby parents are odd – does anyone really have a baby that’ll sit on their lap … Continue reading

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Bleak midwinter Hugh Jackmanathon

December can, frankly, suck it. All three of us got sick, which for me was just another illness in a year of physical catastrophes, then Christmas was spent wrangling the baby in the usual manner, only slightly more pissed (us) … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Cold! A Christmas survival guide

Ada’s first cold has been genuinely harrowing to watch at times, I honestly had no idea how awful it is for babies – they can’t easily breathe through their mouths, they can’t blow their noses, they’re stuck on their backs … Continue reading

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Guylian Christmas madness

Chris and I watch television separately because we ruined our lives four months ago. We don’t often feel the need to discuss what we’ve watched, but have recently spent far too much time discussing the festive stings by Guylian on … Continue reading

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