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The B Word

I do not like the word ‘bonding’, but I can’t think of a better one, dammit, so it’ll have to do.  I think it’s obvious to anyone who reads here regularly or follows me on social media or who puts … Continue reading

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More life coaching with Hugh

Imaginary Hugh Jackman has taken time out of his busy schedule of chicken-shredding and tree-felling to help me AND a few of my long-suffering acquaintances with our issues. He’s nice like that. Dear Hugh, If I buy biscuits, I eat … Continue reading

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Moving diary! Minus 6 days, shit gets done son

Yesterday we had contracts signed and legally witnessed and posted, went to the supermarket, had a viewing at the Bath flat, took Ada for a walk, paid the deposit on our new place and got a crapload of boxes and … Continue reading

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Moving diary! Minus 7 days, no sleep til The Ferry

I arrived in London in 2002 with a large suitcase and a Scottish twenty pound note, which I would later find surprisingly difficult to spend. I intended to stay ‘maybe six months’ to see if I could find work. Next … Continue reading

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