What Ada says and what she really means

Goosh! I am joining in this conversation! What fun! Goosh! Goosh indeed!

N-goy All is suffering, life is pain. Woe. No, don’t even touch me, there is literally nothing I want. Except milk, obviously. And my dummy, yes. Okay, and maybe the weird lullaby machine. Well, goosh, I suppose.

Keechh Daddy is amusing. Let’s make him dance for our entertainment. Dance, man, dance! Now bring my milk or I shall have you all killed.

BAH! I am tired. Lie down next to me. Not there – just there. Now hold my hand THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Now be quiet. Quieter. Quieter. A bit less quiet. Okay. ZzzzSTARTLE!zzzzzzz.

Nnngh Mother, I require new pants.

Wuwuwuwuwuwuuuu! [We have no idea what this one means. Based on context it could be ‘I am on a changing mat’, ‘I am in a pram’, or ‘I have serious concerns about the editorial policies of BBC News 24’.]

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