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It’s not unusual, until it is

Yesterday I was relieved to be diagnosed with a simple hormone imbalance that’s rendered me massively stressed and anxious recently. The difficult thing about being diagnosed with anything, post-partum, is that many symptoms of illness are shrugged off as ‘normal … Continue reading

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True Christmas

The weather is horrible and I can’t go anywhere because I have to be at home to let my weird kid sleep every 90 minutes. So you know where I get my jollies now? True Christmas, the best channel in … Continue reading

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What Ada says and what she really means

Goosh! I am joining in this conversation! What fun! Goosh! Goosh indeed! N-goy All is suffering, life is pain. Woe. No, don’t even touch me, there is literally nothing I want. Except milk, obviously. And my dummy, yes. Okay, and … Continue reading

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Lazy Fridays with a napless baby

I’m going to type something that will make you want to kick me square in the face, but it’s been six weeks now and it’s important to address it – our baby sleeps all night. Like, she sacks out between … Continue reading

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13 weeks today!

The magnificent Phinling is three months old this week, huzzah! We have graduated from being parents of a newborn which is partly great because, um, we don’t have to parent a newborn, and partly dreadful because everyone now expects us … Continue reading

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