Ace gift ideas for new parents

We have been totally overwhelmed with beautiful gifts for Ada and for us; from friends and family, and even from people we’ve never met. We’re so grateful, thank you everyone for your kindness.

Some of the gifts we’ve received (and have bought ourselves!) have been so useful or clever that I thought I’d note them here in case you’re ever stuck for a present for a frazzled new parent…

Time capsule
A few weeks before Ada was due, Chris gave friend, colleague and all-round dude Matt twenty quid and asked him to buy a newspaper on the day she was born, plus anything else she might find interesting/culturally humorous when she’s older. Matt did not disappoint (and spent way more than £20; sorry Matt, we owe you!)

Here’s Matt’s (and girlfriend Katerina’s) amazing August 2015 Culture Capsule for Ada:

baby gift idea

That’s a selfie stick, by the way – brilliant!

Everyone’s lovely to a new parent! But no one gives a crap about parents of a two-month-old! Except Ildiko, who showed up at our door with some lovely homemade dinners and vanished again, like a fairy godmother. Such a classy and thoughtful gift, I could have cried, but I was too busy shoving pasta bake down my mouth-hole.

Perfect Prep machine
My mum bought this second hand for us, even though I initially refused the offer (‘Oh no, she’ll be exclusively breastfed’, I said, like a moron.) When we eventually switched to formula, this machine became our favourite thing ever – no faffing about with kettles and cooled boiled water, this little beauty pours a shot of hot water to sterilise the powder, then tops up with cooler water to the desired volume. Warm milk ready in 2 minutes? Shut up and take my (mum’s) money! We call them babyccinos, because we are HIGH-LARIOUS.

Formula measuring flasky thing
Related to the above, this is a present I bought myself, because it’s difficult to count scoops of formula when you’re shouting ‘Mummy’s just coming!’ in cheery-frantic tones at a screaming infant who’s attempting to launch herself out of a bouncy chair. Now I just screw off the flask top and dump in the powder, stick it under the prep machine and shove a stack of Crunch Creams in my face with the extra seconds I’ve saved. Mummy is CRUSHING IT.

Kimono jacket
My lovely in-laws gave me a Monsoon gift voucher when I was pregnant, and I impulse-bought a trendy kimono jacket as it was the only thing that even vaguely fitted me. It sat neglected for ages until I brought Ada home, now I wear it all the time. Its main advantages are:

  • Makes me feel glam even when I have baby puke down my shoulder.
  • Big pattern hides the baby puke down my shoulder.
  • Huge pockets – I’ve checked just now and they currently contain my phone, a dummy, a muslin and a tiny pair of gloves. Possibly also baby puke.
  • It was also good for hiding my boobs a bit when feeding in public, but those days are mercifully behind me.

Wipe warmer
Imagine the scene: You are a warm and cosy baby, happily pooing in your sleep while snuggled in your lovely crib. Then! A cruel parent peels your clothes off and exposes your tiny bottom to the night air, swabbing it all over with a cold wet wipe! Who among us wouldn’t cry, hm? We got Ada this luxurious wipe warmer, and it makes early morning and late night changes way less traumatic for everyone.

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4 Responses to Ace gift ideas for new parents

  1. juliekirk says:

    At first I thought ‘Ildiko’ was a company who delivered food and that your link [to your tweet] was a sponsored link to them. [Clearly I’ve been reading too many blogs by the young folk who will publicise *anything* for a freebie]. [That said, if you do get anyone to sponsor your posts, more power to you. You deserve a freebie!]

  2. ribbledoot says:

    Haha, no, she is a lovely lady from (I think?) Hungary. 😀

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