Babynomics! Or, baby stuff we didn’t bother with, only partly because we’re cheapskates

We didn’t want to spend too much money on baby stuff, not (just) because we’re horrible people, but because Chris’s freelance career is still quite new, and I wanted to take a reasonable amount of maternity leave without ending up living in a skip.

Here’s what we decided we either really needed or really wanted:

Car seat
Hey hey, it’s both a legal requirement, and the best way to ensure that an emergency stop doesn’t send your progeny sailing through the windscreen like a tiny floppy stuntman!

My parents kindly bought our pram, and it’s a real beauty. We chose it because it lasts from birth to toddlerhood and it folds down small enough to fit in the boot of our teensy 3-door car. Seriously, we could probably squeeze it into the glovebox if we had to. Nice, huh?


PS I am pregnant in this photo, not just massively bloated.

Changing table & nappy bin gadget
This table was a hand-me-down from my amazing friend and colleague Angela. It’s sturdy and wooden and lives in our hallway, next to a clever little bin that turns used nappies into a compact string of plasticky, odourless, environmentally-unfriendly sausages, which is a boon for a wheelie-binless flat, if not for marine life.

Little glider crib
Chris’s folks gifted us a beautiful glider crib. Frankly, I’m not sure why they don’t make them for grown-ups; it looks pretty freaking relaxing.

Super-cute clothes
Okay, we did go a bit mental buying baby clothes; this is mainly because we found out we were having a girl and DID YOU KNOW that baby frocks come with matching frilly bloomers? Because they honestly do, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to ignore that.

And here’s what we decided to live without:

NCT classes
As middle-class, mid-30s media nodes, almost all of our friends and colleagues urged us to do NCT classes. Not to learn about babies or childbirth, you understand, but to ‘meet people’. Screw that; I spend my life dodging awkward social activities, I don’t need to spend two hundred quid on a whole new set of casual acquaintances to avoid in the supermarket.

‘Travel system’ car seat
I do like the idea of those little baby seats that you can remove from the car and click straight onto the pram base. But! For us dinky 3-door car drivers, they’re not especially handy to use without tipping the kid out onto the pavement, plus they only last until 9 months, at which point you have to invest in a bigger seat anyway, AND babies aren’t really meant to sit in them for more than two hours at a time lest they develop a hunchback or creeping sense of malaise or something. I dunno. So our big-girl car seat is fixed in place, mofo, and the Phinling just has to deal with it. It should last until she’s 3 or 4 years old, unless she grows into a giant.

Nursery room
I guess our kid will eventually get her own room, maybe at some point before she starts nursery or intensive talk therapy, but at the moment she sleeps in the gliding crib in the corner of our bedroom, and her stuff lives in one of my underwear drawers. Look how much she cares – not at all!

baby sleeps

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3 Responses to Babynomics! Or, baby stuff we didn’t bother with, only partly because we’re cheapskates

  1. gra says:

    In Japan, not only do the babies not get their own room, they don’t even get their own cot — usually they sleep with the parents for the first few years. :/

  2. Everyone I know who’s been to NCT classes makes them sound unspeakably ghastly and VERY judgy. Money well-saved there…

  3. Chris Cope says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious, considering you two are both relatively small (by Yanqui standards, at least) if Ada grew to be ginormous?

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