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Insane formula taste test!

Due to a few ridiculous traumas, Miss Ada is combo-fed breastmilk and formula. She’s about to be moved on to mostly-formula, mainly because while the world is now fairly accepting of a woman whipping out a boob to feed a baby … Continue reading

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Newborns! How we coped (and didn’t cope) with the first 8 weeks

Here’s a thing I wrote one-handed on my iPhone yesterday while the baby drooled down my shoulder – it’s not really good advice, just a document of What We Did to get through the frankly dreadful first two months of … Continue reading

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Babynomics! Or, baby stuff we didn’t bother with, only partly because we’re cheapskates

We didn’t want to spend too much money on baby stuff, not (just) because we’re horrible people, but because Chris’s freelance career is still quite new, and I wanted to take a reasonable amount of maternity leave without ending up … Continue reading

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Weird pregnancy stuff I didn’t know about until I got pregnant

I had a long and tedious four-year journey to getting knocked-up, so I had plenty of time to prepare mentally for all the well-known inconveniences of pregnancy. On top of the usual stuff (nausea, acne, becoming wider than I am tall), … Continue reading

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