Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies taste test

Sure, we’re all familiar with the classic Mr Kipling French Fancy; a square of spongey yumyum with flamboyant buttercream hunch, enrobed in sweet fondant and fetching contrast drizzle. Even with the infuriating conspiracy of silence around the apparent portion shrinkage that has occurred in the 21st century (people keep telling me my ‘hands are just bigger now’), a box of eight is still one of the classiest treats that £1.90 can buy.*

So I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled as I was to discover that there’s a new Fancy in town – Mr Kipling Limited Edition Cocktail Fancies. I picked up a box of these in Sainsbury’s yesterday for the special promotional price of £1.50. And when I say ‘picked up’, I mean ‘fell upon like a wild dog’.

French Fancies

Obviously we’ve tried them all already. Obviously. So here’s my cake-verdict. I was going to include Chris’s helpful comments, but he is doing some kind of Important Work. Boo.

Raspberry Daiquiri
Easily the best of the three flavours; I’ve never actually had a real raspberry daiquiri, so I can’t speak to its accuracy, but feel like the winning combo of sweet and sharp raspberry icing over the standard cake innards just can’t be beaten. If anything, I’m guessing we should probably be making the cocktail more like the cake. Get on it, alco-boffins!

Pina Colada
I love a piña colada and plan to drink them exclusively once I reach my 85th birthday. ‘What, Great Aunt Jenny? Yeah, don’t bother with the water, she just drinks those now. I dunno, we’ll get her an insulin drip or something. To be honest, it’s the least of our worries, especially since she’s refusing to pay tax to the giant cockroach king. All Hail His Majestic Mouthparts.’

So, yes. This is a nice cake! If you like piña colada (and/or getting caught in the rain etc).

Peach Bellini
The only off-putting thing about this Fancy is that it is peach-coloured. Which is an odd colour for a cake. Also, it smells of peachy lipgloss, although that’s not a bad thing. This is probably the most accurate of the three flavours, and is a little less sweet too. Delicious!

*Sidebar: Scots also LOVE replying to the question ‘Would you like a French Fancy or a meringue?’ Try saying it to your local tame Scottish person, you’ll make their day. Er, you might want to buy some French Fancies first, or everyone will go home disappointed.

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