Christmas in October

This year I’ve made it my personal – some would say pointless and irritating – mission to defend Christmas. Specifically, Christmas stuff in shops.

Every other day or so, a friend will say or tweet or Facebook something like ‘Advent calendars in Sainsbury’s? It’s not even Halloween yet!’ or ‘I saw chocolate pennies in Tesco. CHOCOLATE PENNIES! It’s ridiculous’ Etc.

This really grinds my gears and stirs my porridge. If, like me, you are a middle class media node with a dependable regular wage, a generous family, a working spouse and a low-level quinoa addiction, then maybe you can afford to buy a gift for everyone you know with your December pay cheque. Plus some celebratory fizz and a giant slab of organic meat. And After Eights.

But for others, that’s just not possible. There are two pay days left before Christmas. Many, many people on lower incomes will have to plan carefully to give their families a lovely cosy Christmas without missing a rent payment or switching the heating off. So shops put out the non-perishable stuff now; stocking fillers, tins of biscuits, selection boxes and fruit cakes. So what? Where’s the harm?

After a mild Twitter rant about this last month, I realised that I should really buy ahead too, to avoid my traditional January overdraft catastrophe. So here’s what I’ve bought so far – Sainsbury’s Prosecco. Well, it’s a start.


Try it yourself. Ho ho ho!

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2 Responses to Christmas in October

  1. izzyinyork says:

    Totally agree, Jenny! Surely at least giving people the option to spread out their spending is A Good Thing. That might not be the main reason why retailers are displaying their Christmas wares early of course, but it’s a good by-product if it does help people plan their spending. This is my first visit to your blog – my husband steered me towards this post knowing it would strike a chord. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. ribbledoot says:

    Thanks! Oh yes, it’s absolutely a business-savvy move, but that’s okay I think.

    ALSO! There’s a slight class-snobbery in the moaning about Christmas stuff in shops; I never hear any complaints when I mention starting hip handmade gift projects now, or mixing homemade mincemeat so it can mature. Pff!

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