Spectacular, spectacular

I had to jettison my old glasses last month as the frames were too frail to take another lens update.

It’s hard for non-glasses wearers to understand how weirdly sentimental it feels to retire full-time face furniture; there’s really nothing else like it. My whole world was seen through those little windows, and everyone I met looked at me through them too. They were the first thing I reached for in the morning, and the last thing I removed at night. I couldn’t work, drive, read, watch TV or do much of anything without them. Glasses become so much a part of you that friends will often say that you look weird or even unrecognisable without them.

Ah, good old glasses! They were interred in the classic fashion – stuck in the box that came with my new glasses and shoved in a drawer ‘just in case’.*

Choosing new glasses is always difficult and a massive responsibility; barring catastrophe or a sudden lottery win, I’m likely to wear these into my early 40s. I chose these clear acrylic frames, similar to the heavy style that’s popular now, but a bit more forgiving on my massive moon face. ray ban glassesBonjour! Now everything’s ultra-clear and lovely. BTW, did you know that trees have individual leaves? Um, that’s it. Here’s another weird post about spectacles from the summer, if you’re into this incredibly-specific blogging niche.

*No idea what that asterisk was for.

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