How to do a TV Day

We’ve had a tiring summer, so to recover we enjoyed a fantastic TV Day, where we wore pyjamas and watched telly all day long. You might think TV Days are for bored children and sickly adults, but you’re wrong! They’re for everyone who’s knackered and cranky. Here are some top tips for hosting your own TV Day:


The house is going to have to be vaguely clean and tidy, otherwise you’ll get The Guilts halfway through TV Day. Do your chores on the preceding weeknights – I KNOW. That part is tricky.

If you have small children or pets, you’re going to have to offload them on an unsuspecting relative, or just turn them out into the garden at the start of TV Day and chuck out a baguette every couple of hours.

You’ll also need alcohol and food that’s easy but time-consuming to prepare.


If you don’t plan TV Day properly, you’ll end up watching nine hours of crap you’re not interested in, eating an entire box of sugar-based cereal, then falling asleep on the sofa with a burning sense of having wasted an entire day of your mortal life. Terrible.

So plan what you’ll watch and when – we chose a series of Parks & Rec plus Doctor Who and our favourite shows on Food Network. Then plan a few breaks so you don’t lapse into a coma – we cooked soup and chicken katsu together and walked around the neighbourhood to look at the first autumn leaves.

Own it

Completed your TV Day? Good job! Now own it. You will be faced, either on Facebook or back at work, with people who had very adventurous or productive Saturdays. You will be tempted, when asked what you did at the weekend, to say Nothing really.  But stay strong.

We watched telly for a whole day. In our pyjamas. With wine. It was bloody fantastic.

I promise those marathon-runners and picnic-havers will be at least a little bit jealous.

That’s it! Enjoy your TV Day. You deserve it.

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