Chris’s favourite frozen margarita

frozen margarita

Chris is crazy for these frozen margaritas; I like them too, but I can only drink half of one before I fall over and cry. This is a boozy mofo but it tastes like fresh lime sorbet – be careful, cocktail fans!

Note: I usually hate recipes that require overnight prep, but the freezing step is the only way to get that super-slushy texture for your drink. Mmm!

Note 2: We honestly did try making these less alcoholic… but it was rubbish.

Frozen margaritas (makes 2 large cocktails)

Citrus juicer
Alcohol measure (we use a 40ml measure, slightly under a UK double measure)

160ml good tequila (4 x 40ml measure)
40ml triple sec (1 x 40ml measure)
20ml sugar or sugar syrup (½ a 40ml measure)
Juice of 2 limes
2 cupfuls of ice

Step 1: Freeze it!

  • Mix together the tequila, triple sec, sugar and lime juice and freeze for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.
  • Stick a couple of not-too-delicate glasses in the freezer too.

Step 2: Blend it!

  • Sprinkle salt onto a plate.
  • Get the frozen glasses and place them rim-first on the salty plates. That’s the rudest sentence I’ve ever written.
  • Put 2 cupfuls of ice in the blender and chuck in the frozen margarita mix; it may not have frozen solid, but that’s okay.
  • Run the blender for ten or twenty seconds at the slowest, ice-crushing setting, then when the ice is mostly broken down, crank it to the highest setting to make it really slushy – probably about ten to twenty seconds again.
  • Serve in the salted glasses.
  • Fall over and cry (optional).

Top tip from Chris! It’s a faff to have to make the mix, and not much more difficult to make multiples as to make one, so consider spending ten minutes making up the mix in ready-to-rock batches in small freezer tubs. There is nothing better, on a hot day, than getting home, popping some mix and ice in the blender, and making a fresh, home-made margarita in seconds.

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