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Chris’s favourite frozen margarita

Chris is crazy for these frozen margaritas; I like them too, but I can only drink half of one before I fall over and cry. This is a boozy mofo but it tastes like fresh lime sorbet – be careful, cocktail … Continue reading

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Super Japan phone cam fun: Part two of many

Let the record show that I’ve had two x-rays in two weeks – I’m expecting my new superpowers to kick in any day now. I keep finding moths in the flat, so maybe that’s it. Mothra the Moth-Finder! I’ll learn to fly, … Continue reading

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The continuing adventures of the tiny pan

The tiny pan is not just for tiny omelettes! No, you can also use a few boring ingredients: To make fancy Thai sweetcorn fritters! Er, you may notice that because we left the prawns out of the recipe without doubling the sweetcorn, they … Continue reading

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Don’t leaf me this way

CALL ME CRAZY, but I really like autumn leaves. So last year I collected loads of fallen leaves* from Westonbirt Arboretum and pressed them in heavy books like a weird overgrown child. But now look! I’m sticking them in an album … Continue reading

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The tiny pan

For various tedious medical reasons, I now have to eat more protein and less… everything else. I know, right? What a pain in the ass. BUT! I have turned this negative into an amazing positive! I am now the owner of this … Continue reading

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