Spectaclewatch – X-Men: Days of Future Past

If, like me, you are a full-time glasses-wearer, you’ll have noticed how under-represented we are in mainstream movies. Thankfully, the costumiers of X-Men: Days of Future Past are redressing the balance, in spectacular style. Ahaha! Haha! Sigh.

Contains spoilers for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Go and see it!

The Classic Nerd

The BeastWorn by:
Hank McCoy, scientist/furry/kid out of About A Boy who is, upsettingly, now an adult

Fashion statement:
I am friendly, approachable, and enjoy developing shady experimental ‘serums’ that may or may not turn you into a blue quadrupedal rage-monster. Call me!

The Skeevy Landlord

Hugh-Jackman-X-Men-Days-of-Future-PastWorn by:
Charles Xavier, inexplicably-single billionaire telepath

Fashion statement:
Sorry love, I’m afraid I can’t return your deposit. Boyfriend live round here, does he? Work in the day, does he? Like peanut butter, do you? On rice cakes? What? Yeah, I’m just intuitive, darlin’.

The Don Draper

MagentoWorn by:
Erik Lehnsherr, mercurial scary-faced metal-botherer

Fashion statement:
It’s important to make an effort when you’re plotting an assassination and mutant uprising, you know? Invest in classic pieces and you’ll always look sharp. See this sweater? That’s some serious GQ shit, son. Now get me an espresso – I’ve already ground the beans WITH MY MIND.

traskThe Your Dad In The Seventies

Worn by:
Bolivar Trask. No really, that’s his name.

Fashion statement:
Yep, I am definitely wearing spectacles. I’m wearing the hell outta these bad boys.


ToadThe Willem Dafoe

Worn by:
Toad, blotchy long-tongued mutant who isn’t Willem Dafoe, apparently. Confusing.

Fashion statement:
Pal, I’ve somehow adhered my glasses straight onto my freaking face. I’ll mess you up in ways you can’t imagine. Shut up, no I wasn’t in Finding Nemo.

wolverineThe Wolverine

Worn By:
The Wolverine

Fashion statement:
The Wolverine.


QuicksilverHonourable mention: Quicksilver

I’m not sure if we should count Quicksilver’s goggles as glasses. They’re less of a fashion statement and more of a way to make sure his eyeballs don’t fall out of his skull when he takes corners.





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