Super Japan phone cam fun

My phone is groaning with snippets of wobbly video from Japan, so I’ll post a few up here for the delight and entertainment of… well, probably just my mum. Hi mum!

Here’s ten seconds in Osaka’s foodie Dotonbori district. Chris thought the rain would reflect the neon lights and make some good photos (he was right!), so we went out and got very wet indeed. That’s my excellent brother Gra, helpfully holding the umbrella.

The rain turned into Typhoon Man-yi, which passed over and lashed poor Kyoto and the surrounding areas with floods and power cuts. Japan: Dainty food, massive weather.

Gra later sent us this Christmas card, which is way better than any of my wonky photos. The crab is wearing a Santa hat! Which is a sentence I wasn’t expecting to type this week.


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