Boats and cats and quilts better scurry

We had a week off and went up north to visit our relatives and harass their cats.


In Palnackie, we walked to the port to look at the silted-in boats and mused that we could totally revive the World Flounder Tramping Championship and make it the biggest hipster event north of Leeds. Add some beardy folk bands, a vegetarian haggis café-yurt and somehow ensure that the flounders are sustainable and perhaps get… photographed? Instead of tramped? And Palnackie would become the vortex of cool!

NB If you do this, I want partial credit. And a free t-shirt.

Here’s the Palnackie cat sitting on the dining table. He does whatever the hell he wants.

palnackie cat blog

From my folks’ in Bathgate, we took a day trip up to bonnie Dundee, where we first met as art students. Duncan of Jordanstone looks v fancy now – hark at the ‘DJCAD’ acrylic letters, ooh la la!


Here’s Chris standing outside the Mandarin Garden, where he worked as a waiter for many delicious years. The noodles were epic, as was my arse.


Here’s the Bathgate cat. She is 16 and enjoys sleeping and examining weird strings in the garden.


kaffeBack in Bath, we went to the fantastic Kaffe Fassett exhibition at The American Museum, which was a riot of amazing colour and pattern. You should go too! Kaffe is so adventurous and prolific that even if his work isn’t to your taste, you can’t help but be inspired.

Here I am, looking scary in front of a quilt.



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