Long barrow

long barrow

A while ago, I got weirdly interested in long barrows, partly from reading too much Lord of the Rings, but mostly from seeing lots of signposts for them in the countryside around Bath.

I had learned from Professor Google that long barrows are prehistoric burial chambers, but I couldn’t find out much about what they’re like inside. Having now visited the Stoney Littleton long barrow, I can reveal that the answer is PRETTY DAMNED SPOOKY.

Here are a couple of photos that Chris took, because I was too weirded out to go in more than a  few steps. I’d be the worst Indiana Jones sidekick ever.

long barrow 2

Jenny long barrow

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2 Responses to Long barrow

  1. Chris Cope says:

    There are a few of these in Wales. I didn’t know they were burial grounds. I imagined them as places to store cheese.

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