All the things

Hi there! I haven’t posted since September last year because life got stressful and all I could do in my downtime was watch television and drink light beer. Except at Christmas, when all I did was watch television and drink proper beer.

Here’s a quick photo-dump to ease me back to normal service:


In November I was all travel-high and booked a flight to Berlin to visit my lovely friend-of-ages Emma. Berlin is freaking amazing, by the way, and you should go there immediately. Emma is pretty awesome too – THANKS LADY! Here’s me looking weird and standing near the only piece of litter in Germany.


Christmas started with this beautiful scene in Palnackie – my in-laws had made us a gorgeous bedroom with a log fire and mini tree. I want to live in that room forever.

Sadly, Christmas ended abruptly like this:


On Boxing Day we almost literally flew off the road and into a fence, narrowly missing a few scary obstacles thanks to Chris’ super-calm skid control. Poor Carlos was written off and my neck was screwed up, but we were pretty lucky, all things considered. We spent the whole of Boxing Day being tow-trucked back to Bath – thank you to everyone who helped us through the hysteria through the medium of Twitter jokes.

Chris framed up this bit of broken brake light that he took from the scene, though.

I love it!

Carlos Art

That is all. See you soon! x

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