My beloved orchid and me

Life in the House of Phin has been bonkers lately, so here’s a nice calming photo of my orchid. This is the only plant I’ve ever owned that has survived my ‘care’.
The orchid turns five years old this year – happy birthday, orchid! Sadly I’ve missed the cut-off date for a September school place.
As you can see, I’m dreadful at remembering to stake up the stems, so my orchid always looks like it’s making a bid for freedom.

Sometimes it literally does start climbing out of the pot, and that’s when I know it’s time to schlep to Homebase for a bigger pot and a bag of the special ‘Orchid Compost’ that looks like sticks and old muesli.

Chris recently gave me a Koubachi plant monitor, which is great. You stick it in the compost and your phone starts getting plaintive messages like

Orchid needs some shade.
Time to mist orchid.
Orchid wants to know what you’re thinking.
Maybe orchid and you should spend some time apart?

Turns out the orchid is kind of needy and demanding. But I still like it.

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