Like a jewel in the sun

Back in February we were cold, overworked and broke, so we did what any right-minded children of the ’80s would do – booked a holiday to Barcelona. Huzzah!

I must admit, I get pretty cranky when I read about other people’s holidays online; how did they afford that? They’re always going away! How can they take the time off work? Etc. So before I show you any lovely photos, I should ground this post by assuring you that a) this is only our third foreign holiday in thirteen years, b) we couldn’t really afford it, and c) taking a week off work was a total nightmare. The campaign for realistic blogging starts here! Life is difficult! My house is a mess! Sometimes I buy ready-made mashed potatoes!

Here’s the Sagrada Família, which is heavenly in every sense:

sagrada familiaThe interior is so lofty and peaceful, and a timed entry system means that it’s never crowded and you get a good chance to experience the church as Gaudí intended. There’s plenty of space to walk and sit, and time to take in the incredible shapes and colours – the afternoon light coming through the Passion façade windows was fantastic, and there were little kids hopping around in the pools of red and yellow on the floor.

sagrada familia 2I’ve read a lot about the unusual organic style of the Sagrada Família, but the thing that really amazed me was the level of detail. Every inch of the church is carefully considered and sculpted, with even the remote, inaccessible corners decorated with leaves or vines or tiny stained glass windows.

They reckon it’ll take over ten years to complete construction, and it’s pretty exciting to be able to see such an important piece of art history in the making. We went up one of the towers and saw this fearless abseiling artisan working on one of the mosaic spires:

mosaicI’m usually fine with heights, but I felt pretty wobbly when Chris leaned out of the window to take this photo. Those dudes must have nerves of steel.

We also took the cable car up to Montjuïc, which was unexpectedly speedy and swung in the wind in a pant-wetting manner. Argh!

monjuicHere’s me at the Magic Fountain. You’ll notice that it doesn’t look terribly ‘magic’ because, um, we went on the wrong evening. But look how many shits I give – none at all!

magicWe were just thrilled that the sun was shining and the beer was frosty. At the end of a long UK winter, I can’t think of anywhere nicer to visit.

We love you, Barcelona!

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