Back in the day: Feb 2nd 2005

Found a big folder of archived blog posts from years and years ago, so I thought I’d post a few for your amusement/my humiliation.

This one is from February 2nd 2005, which makes me 24 years old at the time. We were living in a slug-infested basement flat in New Cross and I was five months into my first full-time teaching post, a job which would eventually drive me completely bonkers.

Pioneer of es-sentric dressing
Both Nik and the boy ran into Stephen Fry yesterday, and frankly I feel rather left out.

In other news, I watched a video made for open day in which a little Year 7 described me: “My favourite subject is Art, our teacher is nice, she looks quite es-sentric. She makes you look with your eyeballs. We had to draw our favourite food, mine was chips.”

Oh god, this will be my legacy. Eyeballs and chips.

I have no recollection of this, but it sounds about right. My legacy was, in fact, a papier maché oryx mask and a selection of PowerPoint presentations with unnecessarily flamboyant slide transitions.

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