Little Gollum

Lego Gollum

Chris gave me this little Lego Gollum for Christmas; it’s part of a whole scene with goblin bones and fish and a Lego Bilbo with a choice of two faces – one irritated, one terrified. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m mildly obsessed with Gollum; he’s easily my favourite character in the whole Lord of the Rings bunfight. While everyone else is on a valiant quest/hellbent on evil/a tree, Gollum has his own ring-and-fish-based agenda. He’s more human than the humans, funnier than the hobbits and is less maudlin than the haughty old elves. Gollum doesn’t give a shit about being in a fellowship or singing about oliphaunts – he’s just really into fish and the ring. And to be fair, he did manage to look after the ring for hundreds and hundreds of years without kicking off a massive, world-crumbling war with a giant flaming eye. Nice work, Gollum.

I could write all day about Gollum, but I’ll stop there and drift into a Gollum-based reverie. Here’s one of movie-Gollum’s best scenes – tormented at night by his own subconscious. Almost every night is like this for me, except I’m kept awake by thoughts of leaving the gas on rather than gruesome hobbit murder.

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