Far away my well lit door

Hey hey! Today we arrived at Ikea at 11.50am, ate meatballs, chose a lamp, paid and drove away at 12.50pm. I challenge you to beat this Ikea weekend lunch/shop speed record. It can’t be done! Here’s what else I’ve been up to…

Fun with physics

We had to get a third lamp for our living room because Chris is reviewing a set of Hue lightbulbs, which is about a zillion times more exciting than it sounds. Each evening, I spend about ten minutes shouting ‘RELAX!’ or ‘SUNSET!’ or ‘DEEP SEA!’ while Chris controls the lightbulbs with his iPhone. You’re smirking now, but just wait ’til you try it. Lightbulb funtimes will blow your mind.

Movie excitement

We’ve been to the cinema a couple of times recently, and the trailers were as good as the movies. I’m pant-wettingly excited for The Hobbit and Life of Pi, and Les Miserables looks like it’ll be good too. I guess Hugh Jackman might be a bit young and, er, hunky to be Jean Valjean, but who the hell’s complaining?

The last film we saw was Skyfall, which is excellent despite being bladder-burstingly long. Scotland is by far the sexiest character, looking stunningly barren and mountainous in that cold blue light that’s so familiar to northerners. Brrr.

Making Christmas

For various work and travel reasons, Chris and I are having a quiet Christmas in Bath this year. The previous two years have been marred by deadlines, migraines and faulty kitchen appliances, so I’m working like an absolute bitch to make it a good one this year. There’s a spreadsheet and everything!

So far, I’ve cleared out a ‘Christmas drawer’ in the freezer, which will be filled with hearty homemade food to reheat ‘n’ eat when we’re too hammered to cook properly, and made some whisky-laced mincemeat that needs to mature. To cope with the post-Christmas anticlimax, I’ve booked us tickets to see The Lion King in London, which will either be brilliant or hilarious. Or both. Any other suggestions on how to guarantee a tip-top Christmas are welcome.

During much of this planning, stashing and obsessing, I’ve been singing ‘Making Christmas’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was going to link to it, but we all know that there’s only one song in The Nightmare Before Christmas worth linking to – Jack Skellington, I love you!

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