Friday, I’m in gloves

Hello! I must say, I’m enjoying this cooler weather. It’s cool and fresh and everyone looks great in coats. Here are some other Friday things to enjoy:


Look, I don’t care what you think; I’ve been drinking shandy lately. Yes, it’s the drink of choice for teenyboppers and grandmas everywhere, but it’s also delicious and lasts forever. You know it’s true. Let’s all have a shandy! And that’s not a euphemism of any kind, you filthy perverts.

New duvet

We bought a new duvet, oh my goodness. It’s really heavy and warm. It has actual gravitational pull; we just lie in it every morning shouting ‘I’M TRAPPED’ at each other. Good times.


I feel like this might be the year I finally make a tartiflette. I saw a mini reblochon in Sainsbury’s the other day, and am inclined to view it as a sign from the gods of cholesterol. Or perhaps I need to mull it over for another half-decade.

Have a good weekend! x

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3 Responses to Friday, I’m in gloves

  1. the duvet story made me choke with laughter and now we have a coffee-on-monitor situation. #goodtimes fo’ shizzle, or something.

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