A stranger is just a friend you haven’t Googled yet

Meaningful new relationship

Finally got my hair cut by a wonderful, quiet woman called Hannah. I fell in love with her a tiny bit; I said ‘just do what you think is best’ and she got on with it. Hannah has no idea where I work, if I’m going on holiday, where I live, or what I think of the Olympics. The only thing I know about Hannah is that she is awesome.


We went to see Rhys Darby at the Colston Hall, and he was properly funny. The guy in front of us was literally clutching himself (not in a rude way – he didn’t enjoy it that much). Chris and I have been shouting ‘do two zags!’ at each other ever since, as in this email excerpt:

Go and see the show if you can, Edinburgh peeps.

Chair: Present.

The other Jenny

Last week I received a few emails that were clearly intended for someone else with my name. After playing a few rounds of Google Detective, I’ve learned that she lives in New Zealand and is much more beautiful and interesting than me. I’ve attempted to make contact via Facebook, in the hope that I can forward her emails and possibly get some tips on Being Jenny Phin. She’s been a Jenny Phin longer than I have, so she might be able to tell me how it all pans out. If we can find another Jenny Phin, perhaps we can form a supergroup!

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