Insomniac audiobook recommendations: Old Harry’s Game

As I mentioned in the last post, I flippin’ love audiobooks. If, like me, you can’t read in cars or sleep in beds, they’re a total sanity saver.

Beware, though; there are good audiobooks and bad audiobooks. I’ve got quite a strict set of rules when browsing iTunes:

1. Novels and memoirs, where possible, must be read by the author.

2. Always buy unabridged, unless it causes you to compromise Rule 1. (This problem often arises with Bill Bryson audiobooks. Always go with Bill’s abridged recordings. I love his voice like cake.)

3. If it’s a drama, sitcom or sketch show, try to catch a couple of episodes on the radio before committing to audiobook investment.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a few posts about my favourite audiobooks, then you too can experience the superfun bedtime story times.

Old Harry’s Game

What is it?

Old Harry’s Game is a popular Radio 4 sitcom in which Andy Hamilton plays Satan in a kind of lovely and weary way. Satan struggles with mutinous demons, overcrowding in Hell, an egomaniacal God, and the prospect of eternity in a job he’s just not that into. It’s been running for bloody ages, I can’t believe you haven’t heard it.

Is it funny?

Yes! It’s funny and sometimes corny, and occasionally poignant, although I listen to it at 4am, when everything seems poignant.

Will it help me fall asleep?

It certainly helps me sleep, although Old Harry’s Game suffers from two audiobook-problems that may startle the light sleeper – audience laughter and a stirring theme tune. I tend to set my iPod to go to sleep after 27 minutes, thus avoiding the applause and end theme tune. See? Audiobooks are SRS BZNS.

Should I buy it?

Give it a whirl! If you want to adhere to Rule 3, it’s currently running on Radio 4 Extra.

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