Chris and I are trying to wean ourselves off Netflix after burning through a whole bunch of TV shows one after the other. It’s horribly addictive. Every time Chris thinks he can cancel the subscription, I’ll say ‘Oh, let’s watch an episode of Arrested Development, it’s supposed to be good,’ and suddenly it’s a month later and we’re shouting ‘Annyong!’ at each other through mouthfuls of pasta.

Anyway, to break the cycle, we’ve started watching old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD, and it’s crazy. We’ve just finished the first double-episode, and here’s what I’ve noted so far:

Calm down, Maestro! It’s only a massive space jellyfish.
I guess it’s a hangover from the original series, but the music is hilariously bombastic. There’s a lot of brassy honks and stricken glances.

‘Captain, he’s… [BAM BAM BAAAAM] frozen!’

‘Call sickbay!’ [eeEEEEeeeee]

‘You – [WAAAMP] barbarian!’

Etc. This goes on for the whole two hours, it’s wildly distracting.

Troi: You must have some other skills.
How did Troi get on the payroll, never mind the bridge? All she does is burst into tears and “sense strong emotions”. Brilliant. She could at least tidy up the tagging on the Captain’s Log or do a coffee run.

Captain McCrankypants
Now, I LOVE Picard. I love his voice, I love his morals, I love his shiny bonce and dinky stature. I love his knowledge of culture and fish cuisine.

However! Picard in this episode is a grumpy, shouty arse. What’s up with him? Is his uniform too tight? Was his tea (Earl Grey) cold? He’s horrid to everyone except Yar, who spends the whole adventure ignoring his orders. Damn you, Yar.

It’s all very distressing. Here’s a clip of Picard being awesome and tuneful to lighten the mood.

Chris and I agree that Wesley is a lot less irritating than we remembered. Also, the Captain shouts at him. Twice!

That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to more ST: TNG, knowing that everything will get better once Whoopi Goldberg and the Borg turn up.

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